Thinking of a Garden Room Extension


A garden room extension will offer you all the benefits of a conservatory but with year round comfort levels that are easily maintained.

Unlike conservatories a garden room extension must comply with Building Regulations and achieve modern insulation and heat loss standards.   This means there will be no excessive temperatures to endure during the summer or heat loss in the winter. 

The garden room extension can be open to the rest of the house and does not need external quality doors or windows between the two.  More significantly, there will be no large bills for summer cooling or heating an un-insulated space in the winter. The heating is integrated with the main house and the garden room can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

However, the technical requirements do not have to detract from achieving the same feel as a conservatory.  With some clever design this is easily sorted.

Floor to ceiling glazing will give a similar expansive view of the garden and roof windows with open rafters, rather than a flat ceiling, achieves the same height and open nature to the room.

For a different feel you can build a light well around the roof windows with the rest of the roof area as a flat ceiling.  This creates a dramatic pool of light flooding in through the roof windows and can be used to visually zone the garden room between access and sitting or dining areas for example.  The flat areas of the ceiling also allow lighting options to further add to a dramatic interior design.

The greatest appeal of a garden room is the ease of opening up to the outdoors and connecting internal living space with your garden.  It allows you to move freely between the two and with the addition of some decking just outside an extra room is defined.

Bi fold doors are an extravagant way of completely opening up the rear of the house creating a seamless connection to the garden.  If this is slightly outside of your budget a similar solution can be created more cost effectively with standard patio doors and additional floor to ceiling windows fitted either side.  The visual connection is retained and the windows can be place in such a way to create a very elegant facade.

If you do not want an expanse of white PVC or dark hardwood fixed to the rear of your house a garden room extension is the ideal solution.  You have complete control over the visual design and can choose how to best integrate or contrast with the rest of your house.  The elegance of a Georgian orangery can be easily achieved or you may prefer the clean bold lines of a contemporary design.