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Rear Extension Garden View

A rear extension can be used for a quiet private room detached from the rest of home activity or to fully engage the hustle and bustle of family life.

All solutions though will benefit from the secure private nature of the rear garden it looks onto.

The relaxed nature of this area can be incorporated into an extension by connecting internal living space with the garden.  Greater privacy means the house can be ‘opened up’ and visual barriers, such as solid walls, reduced thus allowing free flowing views and an external connection.

Widening windows and lowering their sills expands garden views and allows additional light to flood in.   Wider access, such as French doors, encourages flowing movement and can be further enhanced with an open plan layout.

The purpose of a rear extension is to make your house feel much bigger and views through the house out into the garden can emphasise this.  However, this would have little effect if the rear extension extends too far into the garden and the view out is only a few metres to the rear fence.

It is vitally important to consider the impact your rear extension will have on the garden and to balance its size.  After all you do not want to lose the benefit of walking out into the garden on a summer’s day and enjoying the external space.

Engaging an experienced designer will ensure this problem does not occur.

Whether its seclusion you seek or an expanding living space a rear extension offers all the options you will need to transform your home.